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MINDSET Services

The MINDSET Trust is an ambitious and innovative organisation, constantly seeking new ways to provide even better support to the youth and students. In addition to the core programmes offered, efforts have been made towards range of other initiatives that help the young people on their journey towards getting into jobs or self-employment.

MINDSET believes, no one size fits all and hence has designed customized programs to meet the urgent demand of the present scenario, empowering the students with right skills and knowledge along with projects and activities. The comprehensive courses are assembled with a variety of trainings that will contribute to personal and professional development of an individual, from soft skills to communication skills, to technical skills. The courses are Computer based and Teaching based trainings.

  • Education
  • Health and cleanliness
  • Sports, Games and Extracurricular activities
  • Cultural, Arts, Music and Dance
  • Economical and Environmental development
  • Charity and benevolence
  • Global Environment
  • Employment
  • Spiritual and Yoga Education
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