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Manifestation of INternal Development – Skill Engrave Trust, MINDSET (R) is an educational and charitable formed and 12AA REGISTRATION NO:- CIT(E)BLR/ITO(E)-3/12AA/GLB-095/AAETM3442N/ VOL 2016-17 and 80G(5)(VI)  REGISTRATION NO:- CIT(E)BLR/80G/GLB-096/AAETM3442N/ITO(E)-3/VOL2016-17  to nurture, encourage and help develop and enhance the skills of the students by providing a unique platform through education/vocational education/skill training and other upcoming learning methods. It envisions the present generation students and the youth to build a nation of responsibility and accountability irrespective of caste, creed, sect, religion, gender and colour.

With an aim to reach and benefit the maximum population, the trust is located right in the heart of the city of Ballari district in Karnataka state. MINDSET believes, despite the emphatic stress laid on education and training, there still is shortage of skilled manpower to address the mounting needs and demands of the economy. Skills and knowledge being the driving force of the economic growth, the unique facet filled with young populace, education and skill development becomes quite an imperative sector. And there is a huge scope of development in various fields for the massive human resources. The call of the hour in the current scenario hence, is the immediate necessity to educate the present generation with information about the career fields and impart training to the needy and underprivileged, helping them to choose and pursue successful careers.

Anchoring a new dimension in the fields of training and education, minds of the elite professionals brought in together a new perspective, undertaking various developmental projects in the field of:

  • Education
  • Health and cleanliness
  • Sports, Games and Extracurricular activities
  • Cultural, Arts, Music and Dance
  • Economical and Environmental development
  • Charity and benevolence
  • Global Environment
  • Employment
  • Spiritual and Yoga Education